Board of Directors

Chad Passick, President (City of Vermillion / Police Department)
Kathryn Birkeland, Vice-President (University of South Dakota)
Maxine Johnson, Secretary (Seniors)
Emily Merrigan, Treasurer (First Bank & Trust)
Sara Bye Schulte (Farmers Insurance)
Deb Christensen (Bank of the West)
Trish Felecos (USD Foundation)
Leslie Gerrish (The Bean)
Kim Johnson (Vermillion Public Schools)
Heidi Moser (SESDAC)
Rachel Olson (Sanford Vermillion)
Bergen Peterson (Community volunteer)
Scott Pohlson (University of South Dakota)
Lana Svien (University of South Dakota)

Kelsey Collier-Wise, Executive Director

Kelsey Collier-Wise has served as Executive Director of the United Way of Vermillion since 2012, and is also currently President of Vermillion’s City Council. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and the USD School of Law. In her spare time, she enjoys clogging, knitting, and community building.

Jessica McKenzie, Community Impact Director

Jessica hales from Appleton, WI, where she earned her degree in Health Care and Human Behavioral Studies from Lawrence University. Prior to moving to Vermillion in 2013, she worked for several nonprofits, including Make-a-Wish and Hope for Tomorrow, an organization she founded that supported hospitalized children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses.